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January 1st, -1

December 31, 2011

I thought that before I got started- tradition dictates that I should start on Jan 1st formally- I would introduce myself. I am going to impart some useful information about me to prevent the first few entries being filled with explanations and to ensure that I can write freely.

I am a student. I study English, in England, and I aspire to be a novelist. I currently enjoy writing short stories and want to develop as a writer before attempting my first novel. I am in my third and final year and have no job lined up for when I leave, though I have some work experience at a glossy magazine in March.

I am an only child. When not at university I live with my Mum and Dad and cat. We get on ok, though are not very close. Not as close as I think some of my friends are to their parents.

I am single and I’m interested in girls. Although I am often “on the pull” and am often successful, I don’t sleep around. I’ve had sex with four girls and have never had a serious relationship. I do however have a friend-girl. She is my best friend who I am deeply in love with. She can have her own paragraph.

Her name is E. She is amazing. I met her through my course and hardly a day goes by at uni when I don’t see her. We spend most of our time in bed watching movies,  playing xbox, going out and getting smashed or staying in and getting high. We often sleep over each other’s houses, in each other’s beds, though nothing sexual happens. In every respect she is my girlfriend, though no sex. Hence the term friend-girl. (Coined by my housemates) When apart during holiday time we text or speak on the phone every day, for hours at a time. Why haven’t I made a move? I’m afraid it would get weird or awkward. I’m afraid she will reject me. I’m afraid if I’m with her I won’t like her anymore. We only have a five months left of uni and then she then she plans to go to Japan and I don’t want to be with her and lose her. Mainly, because I over thought it all and before I knew it, found myself trapped in the “friend zone”. Moving on…

I lead a “typical” student lifestyle. I got out a couple of times a week and drink heavily. I leave my work too late for no reason other than I have other, more exciting things to be doing (going out, playing games, writing, hanging out with E). I live with three other guys who I won’t name or describe just yet. I consider myself popular, though I am not particularly extrovert and I can’t be bothered to pretend otherwise. I dislike talking for no reason and about boring subjects. I often opt out of these sorts of conversations and allow people who crave the attention more have it. Despite this, I am a self confident person. I don’t mind public speaking etc, I’d just prefer to be out of the lime light. “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt” is one of my favourite quotes. I believe myself to be attractive (though below average height) and I regard myself as intelligent. My laziness has stunted my potential, something I feel it is too late to change.

That is all you need to know for now.

My story begins here…



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